Best Places to Meet Ladyboys in Pattaya

A trip to Pattaya in Thailand is a wonderful way to explore the country’s hidden gems and learn more about its cultural diversity.

Speaking of diversity, one example that stands out is Pattaya ladyboy, also known as a kathoey or male-to-female transgender person. Over the last few years, LGBTQ people have become highly accepted in major cities in Thailand. Likewise, many travelers are fascinated by their beauty, personality and spirit.

Ladyboys get a bad reputation at times, but if you’ll get to know them better, your negative perception about them will transform into appreciation as you see the individual comes to life.

Despite the issues and bad impression that the internet and media cover about trans people, still thousands of expats and Western men come to the city every year to look for a long-term partner.

If you are looking for the best places to meet people Pattaya, here are the best places:

Dating Apps

One of the effective ways to meet poeple in Pattaya is to use a dating app or dating site. When you search online, you can find a lot of quality and decent ladyboy dating sites that feature transgender people who seek serious or casual relationships. Just create an account, complete your profile, upload a nice photo of yourself and write some words about your personality and interest. This gives you a chance to get to chat with a lot of beautiful Thai transvestites and get to meet your best match.


If you want to meet talented ladyboys in Pattaya and be entertained, going to cabaret shows is another great option. You can expect to see daily performances that are held in the large theaters of the city. The shows are colorful, glamorous and feature famous and fabulous ladyboy performers. A lot of transsexual people also come to the show.


Finally, the third best place to meet Pattaya ladyboys is by heading to the bars. There are specific streets where both transgender and straight people meet, chill and enjoy. Some of the most popular establishments include Lita Bar at Soi BJ, Sensations Bar (Soi Buakhao), Pook Swan House (Soi Buakhao) and My Way Beer Bar (Beach Road). These are good places to chill out and have a chat with the ladyboys or other travelers.