How Feminism Has Changed Over Time

The core idea behind feminism has always been the social, economic and political equality of the genders. This concept was first made familiar in the late 19th century and never before because prior to that, women barely had any importance and they were not considered as capable as men. Women were not allowed to be […]

Gender Pay Gap Myths: Clearing Up Issues with Equal Pay

Gender Pay Day is a day dedicated to helping people realize that the gender pay gap still exists so that it can be eliminated in the future. It is celebrated on different days in different years. The last Gender Pay Day was on April 10, 2018, and the next will be on April 2, 2019. […]

These 3 Personality Traits Affect What You Earn

Do you often sit in the office and wonder how much your peers are earning? Are you hoping to be one of the rich workers in the office? If so, you should read on to know about 3 personality traits that affect what you earn. The Study The top 3 personality traits that affect what […]