Do Women Watch Porn: Facts About Ladies’ Porn Habits

There is an age-old question that man has been trying to answer since porn became more than magazines hidden under your mattress. Everyone knows that men watch porn because they aren’t afraid to tell people – but, do women watch porn as well? The following facts about ladies’ porn-viewing habits may surprise you.

Women Prefer Women

When it comes to porn viewing habits and preferences, women don’t need to enjoy looking at other men having sex. In fact, their preferences tend to lean towards women engaging in sexual acts and lesbian sex as opposed to masculine men and heterosexual acts. Close to two percent of men prefer lesbian sex to heterosexual, but over a fifth of women prefer it.

Women Spend Longer Watching Porn

While the difference in viewing habits regarding length vary only slightly, it’s enough to have many people questioning why that difference exists at all. Women will spend 11 minutes watching porn, while men only spend 10. A popular theory is that it takes women longer to orgasm than it does men.

Some Women DO Want a Plotline

A standard joke among men has been that women can’t enjoy porn because they are waiting for a story-line or plot to form. While it’s true that porn viewing habits are different – especially when it comes to what people like and dislike, it’s not necessarily to do with the length or build-up.

Some women prefer straight sex videos with minimal or no context, while others prefer the scene to be set, with a base character so they can learn who those characters are. More and more female porn directors are beginning to ask women what they want so they can cater the experience toward them.

If They Can’t Do It, They Don’t Want It

Women tend to want porn they can recreate in the bedroom, rather than entirely impossible stunts and moves from the book of Kama Sutra. According to a Cosmo study in 2014, only 14 percent of women would watch free porn that featured moves they weren’t able to carry out at home.

They REALLY Like Kim Kardashian

Many women (and men) who look for porn online end up preferring a particular porn star. Surprisingly, Kim Kardashian trumps all results. According to a PornHub survey, women searched for Kim Kardashian the most out of all women, with James Deen, Alexis Texas, and Miley Cyrus all appearing on the list as well. What’s more, women are 500 percent more likely to search for the likes of Xander Corvus and James Deen than men.

Some men would probably still like to think that women cook and clean when they are away at work. The truth is, a lot more porn-watching goes on at home than you may think. As you kiss your wife goodbye as you head to work, think about the commonly asked question of: do women watch porn? The answer and surrounding fun facts may more than surprise you.